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Dylan at a furmeet

Ekigyuu, also known as known as NoodlesAndBeef, previously as Gojita (real name Dylan Hafertepen,[citation needed] born April 24, 1987), is an artist who lives in Seattle, Washington, USA.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Ekigyuu was the developer and administrator of the now defunct website Furry Art Pile, later reborn as ArtPiles.


Dylan is accused of being involved with the death of one Jack Chapman (aka Pup Tank) involving silicone injection]]s. [1] The mother of Jack Chapman confronted Dylan regarding the death of her son stating he's completely responsible for Jack's death. She accused him of being manipulative, abusive and a leader of a cult.[2]

He obtained a restraining order against a Buzzfeed reporter claiming the reporter was engaging in aggressive methods to make contact.[clarify] Subsequently, the reporter was arrested then later released. [3] Buzzfeed wrote about the relationship and the situation involving the reporter. [4]


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