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Eka's Chat is an adult community vore and unbirth chat located inside the heart of Eka's Portal. The vore chat project for the portal was started by Leshana and was finished by her and the other developers.


Eka's Chat all started out as a VOChat. Leshana, Eka, Amanda, and Chain all developed the chat. Eventually, the VoChat was replaced by Leshana because there were many bugs and fatal errors. She practically reprogrammed the back end the first time. However some bugs remained, so she completely rebuilt the chat. Now it runs with more features than it did before, bolds, italics, dice roll commands, and intricate profiles with a vast system of color schematics. The chat was built perfect for roleplaying.

The redefined chat room features a black background with rich and colorful text, as many people role-play at nighttime. The idea is to reduce strain on the eyes, as it tends to be dark at night and bright white screens in the dark tend to strain they eyes. Because of the user-friendly interface, the crowd of Eka's Chat has grown exponentially. The chat also supports xhtml in the profile interface, as well as the double bracket hotlinking features found in most wiki articles.

Unlike other VOC-based chats you can pause the chat screen to stop the auto scroll, there is no lag, and there are no fatal errors. The profiles are fully customizable and fitted with roleplaying preference sliders which can be disabled or enabled.



Moderators (Identified by italic names):