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Edward M. Sledge (also known as Katica Locke, Sphyrna Mokarran, and Lonachis Stoneshark;[1] born November 1, 1980)[2] is a writer of furry and fantasy fiction. He lives in Springfield, Oregon, U.S.A.[2]


Edward has been a furry for as long as she can remember, even before she discovered the fandom itself. To Edward, being a furry is more than art, stories and costumes. She feels that being a furry is a deeper, spiritual connection to animals.

Her own personal animal totem is the hammerhead shark, though she is also drawn to swallows, poison arrow frogs and most big cats (particularly tigers and snow leopards).

Furry activities[edit]

Besides writing furry stories, Edward enjoys furry art, collecting plushies, and fursuiting. Her plushie collection takes up most of his room, numbering nearly a hundred individuals, mostly sharks, frogs, horses and tigers.

Her first fursuiting experience was a home-made reindeer costume of ears and antlers, hoof gloves and a tail, worn for a Christmas craft bazaar in 2005.


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