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'School Days'
Author(s) Krezz Karavan (art)
Update schedule Online
Launch date May 15, 2005[citation needed]
Genre 1000+
Censor NC17 button.png

School Days is a furry webcomic.

School Days was created and drawn by Krezz Karavan, colored by BBMBBF and written by Harry McLeut. Karavan has completed four chapters and produced special artwork unrelated to the main storyline, including two Halloween comics.

The comic has been translated by fans into English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, German, Russian and Swedish.[citation needed] School Days mixes cartoon-based comedy with explicit sexual content.


School Days chronicles the life of Edward and Edna Foxx, two foxes, after they move to the fictional city of Pouncefield to enroll at the St. Lovejoy School, where as they meet the sexually promiscuous lion Pokeinfo, his lop-eared rabbit girlfriend Cynthia, the red-haired alligator (formerly dragon)[clarify] bully Rodriguez, and Laura, a squirrel girl who is captain of the cheerleading squad, the strange ferret gym teacher, Mrs. Trousers, and her cruel and rude chipmunk assistant, Lucy.


School Days has been the subject of multiple controversies[citation needed] due to its content.

When Karavan initially started drawing, some[who?] criticized the webcomic's art, claiming his characters were cubs;[clarify][citation needed] Karavan later stated that he doesn't understand or recognize the terminology, and cannot differentiate between "cub" or "grown-up" characters.[1]


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