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Ed Kline, also known as Lord Darke is an artist, fursuiter, and costume/movie prop designer.

Ed Kline has designed props and costumes since the 1960s, many of them being anthropomorphic.


He has also worked as a CG artist on the webcomics The Boondock Sector, The Stormrunners, Storm Over Whoomera, and most prominently Dreamwalk Journal and its sequel The Widow, retitled Nightshade the Merry Widow (with writer Kishma Danielle) . Since Danielle's untimely passing he has continued Nightshade, with assistance from Lee M, Kimber C. and Bob Partridge.

Kline has posted individual works of art on Renderosity and elsewhere. His work is characterized by detailed background environments, complex technology (often with art deco inspiration), and a great deal of nudity.

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