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Ed the Dog as he appears in the comic .
Edward エド Kai
Class Dominant
Age 32
Height 6 feet 3 inches
Birthplace Ironpaige City
Weapon Gun

Edward Mutt (Japanese: エド Saeki Kai) is a fictional character in the comic book series Butch; he is one of the two main heroes that the story focuses on as well.

Born on April 3, 1981, Ed is a 32 year old, Golden Retriever whom lives in a apartment in a large city, there as a child, he originally lived with his uncle until he was old enough to live on his own. When he leaves, he moves in with husband, Tom and both live their lives accordingly.

In the Comic[edit]

Ed is seen as a laid back man with few cares about the things in life, although there are some problems require more thought and planning, Ed would rather use muscle and force to get him through it all.

He appears in nearly every episode and during his appearance, he can be seen fixing his car, reading comic books, playing video games or watching cartoons, he loves chocolate cake as his desert and cheeseburgers as a snack, when he’s not working on his car he likes to spend time with Tom and even go to other places.

The standard weapon he uses is a 9-millimeter handgun; this is his primary weapon he starts out with and what he uses most.


Throughout his adventures Ed can upgrade himself with the various weapons he gets along the way, when Ed gets the bazooka he also gets the abilities "Force" and "Pulse" as long as he has the Tech Book equipped, when he uses his arm canon he can acquire both verb skills as long as he uses the tech book in 10 battles each, originally when he starts his HP is 60, when he gets the his 2nd and 3rd skill it goes to 150 and when he gets the final 2 skills it goes up to 227 HP his defense, magic and experience upgrades as well.

In the first book of the comic series he already starts with 150HP, 16MP, 10AP, 10DP but instead of having 1, 5 or 10 in his experience bar he simply has 2 and even though he gets the bazooka and the arm canon it stays this way through the entire series.


  • Gun (LV 1)
  • Bazooka (LV 2)
  • Arm Canon (LV 3)

HP: 150 /150
MP: 16
DP: 10
AP: 10
EP: 5
RP: Slow
LP: Normal

Skill I: Power
Skill II: Force
Skill III: Pulse
Skill IV: Verb (Alpha)
Skill V: Verb (Beta)
Beer - Recovers 25HP
Cigarettes - Makes smoke screen
Ammo Pack - Reloads Gun (15 bullets each)
Repair Dx - Fixes damaged weapons
T-Bone Steak - Recovers 50HP
Harmonica - Records Songs


Ed is also physically made to make up for whatever Tom is lacking, His height is 6’ 3” while his weight is 412 pounds; his girth helps his strength greatly whenever he fights in battle and his height helps him reach better, his over all design gives him in advantage in problem solving in critical moments, despite all of this, he’s moves slower and reacts in half the time anyone else would, but this doesn’t seem to matter in the slightest.

In the series, Ed would usually wear a white T-shirt with red sleeves, blacks pants, biker gloves and shoes as is default outfit, in other cases he would wear no clothing excepts for his biker gloves, with or without any clothing, Ed wares a collar with a special brass circle tag with his name on it, His fur is yellow and his underbelly is a brighter shade of his fur, he has a big black wet nose and 3 lairs sticking out on the top of his head.


In many ways, Ed is the polar opposite of his partner, for example, he is much more calmer, yet he’s bold and rough around-the-edges, he likes to be the tough guy but he likes to be the protector of the things he loves most of all, he’s brave when he needs to be and he’s an all around mans man, to this effect, his I.Q. is slightly lower then a normal person and he’s a little clumsy at times.

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