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EcoVerse is an in-development user-created level (also known as a "Dream") on the game Furcadia.

Mission & Goals[edit]

Mission Statement[edit]

Our mission is to create a dream that feels alive! From the moment you walk in you feel a living, breathing, culture of people and this culture both invites you and makes you feel welcomed. We will facilitate this by fostering a warm, welcoming environment, so that our dream will be brought to life by the players who call it home, so that they might bring with them their actions and interactions the immersion that will give identity to the world that we have created. That is our mission. This is your dream. This, is EcoVerse.[1]

Purpose & Goals[edit]

The goal of EcoVerse is to provide a warm and welcoming environment to where both new and long-time members of Furcadia gather to socialize, relax and roleplay. EcoVerse was meant to be a place where every person, no matter their affiliations, sex, gender, beliefs or social clique would be treated equally, fairly and with respect. The EcoVerse developers hope that it will become a hub for roleplay and finding new roleplaying partners for both the Furrabian Nights and Imaginarium population.


EcoVerse has two developers as of August 2012; Azkai is the pixel artist and original founder and Allexander is the Continuity Coordinator. EcoVerse also has 12 staff members lined up [whose names have not been released as the dream has not yet opened]. (For comparison, dreams such as Imaginarium's The Town of Urriam and FurN's The Golden Tether have around twice this number.)


Le Chateau Rouge[edit]

Project EcoVerse began on July 16th, 2011 under the name "Le Chateau Rouge" (Trans: The Red Castle). The name comes from EcoVerse creator's [depreciated] fursona, "Zehna", whose main back-story took place in a slave establishment called Le Chateau Rouge. The project was completed within the month and uploaded as a Dream to Furcadia on the Furrabian Nights map. LCR used patches from Roamheart Patching Database as well as patches by The Golden Tether creator and patcher, The Mint Mink. LCR only lasted through an ALHPA release which was reviewed by well known Furcadia artists including Alabaster Sea and Tuwano. Because of its use of publicly released patches found in The Golden Tether, LCR creators felt that the dream too heavily reflected similarities to The Golden Tether both in patches and in name.

Years in the Making[edit]

After feedback from Furcadia players, Azkai went back to the drawing board in an effort to create something more like-able and unique. "EcoVerse was never supposed to be this large of a project," Azkai said. "In all honesty, I hated, and had no idea how to do, pixel art. I was not looking forward to the patches and only planned on making enough to make EcoVerse pass as a "unique place"... I was astounded, though, at the feedback I received when I began to post screen shots to DeviantArt. It made me appreciate and fall in love with pixel art and before I knew it, I had been working on it for a year with still no end in sight."

EcoVerse today[edit]

AzKai announced the BETA launch date of EcoVerse to happen on 12/12/12 at 12:12 PM FST (Furcadia Standard Time).


EcoVerse includes numerous settings and continuity information for its strict In Character roleplay. Although the main map areas are strict In-Character only, Azkai says that EcoVerse will be implementing areas for Out of Character play and public socializing as well to help fulfill its goal of helping players around Furcadia meet new people.

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