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Shawntae's "Ebony Leopard" deviantART ID

Shawntae Howard, also known as Ebony Leopard, is a digital artist from Pennsylvania, USA,[1] and the creator and artist of Extinctioners, a comic about anthropomorphic superheroes, published by Shanda Fantasy Arts and Angry Viking Press.

The majority of his artwork can currently be found on deviantART under the alias "Ebonyleopard".

Fandom involvement[edit]

Shawntae was a panelist at Anthrocon 2000 and a Guest of Honor at Western Pennsylvania Furry Weekend in 2006, and at Morphicon 2013.[2]


Shawntae's anthro avatar was a black panther, with glasses and white markings on his face, who went by the name of Tamar. His avatar has since changed, and Tamar is now just used as a standard character, or for simple name recognition.

Convention attendance[edit]

Angry Viking Press[edit]

In January 2009, Shawntae moved the comic Extinctioners from Shanda Fantasy Arts new small press publisher Angry Viking Press, continuing the series with issue #16. The comic is now published in full color, a feat it had not seen since its original issue which was released by Vision Comics back in July 1998.

Angry Viking Press has also released a mini-series titled Extinctioners Origins, that retells the first story from the now out of print Vision Comics #1 issue.


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