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Eala Dubh (Gaelic for 'black swan') is a cartoonist and transformation artist with galleries on Transfur and deviantART. Eala is a member of Team Otter, the creative group headed by Oren Otter, and currently works on the comics Room For One More and Castle Horsetooth. He is also a member of, voice actor and sound artist for Oren's Riverside Players group which produces the Otter Island Radio Show.

A pinball devotee and probably the most prolific furry member within the Visual Pinball field, Eala has been resposible for converting no fewer than fifty genuine arcade pinballs from the '70s and '80s for Visual Pinball play, along with a number of original tables including the critically-acclaimed Card Sharks, and designs based on arcade games such as Pole Position and Darius.

He is also a writer for the Doctor Who review blog Behind The Sofa.