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Eagle The Cheetah, Eagle Cheetah, or Eagle is a southwestern U.S. furry, born in 1988. His character is actually a cheetah; his name rather derives from the gaseous pillars in the M16 Eagle nebula.

Presence in the furry world[edit]

Eagle first joined the CatCollection forum in late March of 2004. It was there where he first discovered the thrills of role-playing textually in a setting using created characters. This is where his name, and his species was born.

He is one of the forum administrators of catcollection.org, and is a member of a group of furries in New Mexico, who host an annual Albufurque meet. He is also an IRC regular, frequenting many channels on FurNet.

Eagle is an artist. His work appears on deviantART, and Fur Affinity as well as the catcollection gallery. His main focus is anthropomorphic cheetahs, but he tries other themes for practice.

He's philosophical, an avid Atheist, and follows closely the developments in science.

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