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Pulling at His Heartstrings, an example of Dylan's work tackling a serious social issue. ©2009 Dylan Rinald, all rights reserved.

Dylan Rinald, also known as FluffyPup, is an anthro artist and writer who specializes in hand drawn artwork, including con badges and comics. He has been a contributor on Fur Affinity since 2006, and also operates his own web site, FluffyPuppy Studios. Dylan describes his style as being a fusion of Disney-Warner Brothers, circa early 1990s.[1] While many of his pieces have a whimsical feel to them, Dylan also tackles serious social issues in some of his works.

Dylan claims to have been drawing for as long as he can remember.[2] In 1996, he founded a group for fans of the Road Rovers animated series by Warner Brothers, which also marked his first foray into anthro art.[1]

Aron Brenwater by Dylan Rinald, ©2003, released under CC-BY-NC-ND-3.0
Dylan is somewhat unique among anthro artists in that he nearly always draws characters wearing footwear, rather than barepawed. In 2009 he founded a Yahoo! group named BootedFurries, which unfortunately failed to achieve critical mass, but which did become the inspiration for a later project by Cody Denton called BootedFurs. Dylan has been named as one of the moderators of the latter project, in order to help preserve the original creative vision.

Although Dylan has a large cast of characters, both human and anthropomorphic, the one which he considers his true fursona is a German Shepherd/Doberman/Golden Retriever mix named Dylan Thompson.


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