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Dwale by Nathradas

Dwale (1979[1] - July 2, 2021[2]) was an amateur writer, singer, and musician, who resided in Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S.A. Dwale's fursona was a genderless "cabbolf" (cat/rabbit/wolf chimera) with a number of scars and missing teeth. It favored exotic clothing, especially its signature kosovorotka (shown) or shalwar kameez.

Dwale was a member of the Furry Writers' Guild, and had poems published in various journals, with short stories appearing in Allasso and Sofawolf Press's Hot Dish anthology.[3]

Dwale's work often touched on altered states of consciousness whether through drug use, insanity, or both. Other recurring themes include poverty, addiction, subjectivity and the transience of existence.


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