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Author(s) Editor-in-Chief: Pegla
Status active
Launch date April 2002
Genre news, community, events

Dutchfurs.com was a community and furry news portal for the Dutch community, not to be confused with the mailing list administered by Kiroja, nor with Dutchfurs United. These days it is a blog, and a front-end with convention reports, pictures, and news for upcoming events.


Dutchfurs.com gradually took over from FurrySearch, a website hosted by Cytag back in the 90's. Initially the site was closely tied to the mailing list, but gradually the website and the mailinglist went in another direction, especially after the Cytag was disbanded. The site started on a home-server at Pegla's place, but after two migrations, the website was transferred to Furbase.de in 2004, and in 2006 it was transferred to Stormdragon (maintained by Hiryu).

The website started out as a project to create a common site for all dutch furs, the site's main feature was the constantly-updated newsfeed run by Pegla. Its home page featured an RSS feed of news from Flayrah and FurNation, a favor which was returned. Apart from the newsfeed, dutchfurs.com also featured webspace for artists and writers. After 2006, all external websites were relocated to Stormdragon.

Between 24 November 2006 and 24 May 2007 the front page was not updated; first the site was down during the first week of December as the website migrated to a new server as mentioned above, then due to personal circumstances of the news feed editor, there were no news items posted for an extended period of time.[1]

Version Host Period Remarks
1.0 Cytag January 25th 2002 – 2004 Newssite, powered by PHPnuke
2.0 Furbase 2004 – 2006 Newssite, powered by PHPnuke
3.0 Stormdragon November 2006 – May 2007 Migration to a new server and system. There were no updates due to private circumstances.
4.0 Stormdragon May 2007 – 2011 Newssite, powered by e107
5.0 Stormdragon 2011 Remodelling and retooling
6.0 Stormdragon 2012 – now Blog, pictures, reports and information about events in the Dutch Furry subculture [2]


  1. About Dutchfurs - Explanation on Dutchfurs.com's outage
  2. Dutchfurs eventpage - A list of all events where Dutchfurs has been involved with / attended to / or organised

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