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Dutch Angel Dragons (also known as DADs or Dutchies) are a popular regulated species created by Ino in 2009.[1][2]

The most prominent Dutch Angel Dragon character is Telephone, who was designed by the species creator as the first member of the species.[1]


Dutch Angel Dragons are stated to be angelic dragons, a concept that exists outside of the species.[1] The Dutch in the name doesn't refer to the Netherlands in any way but is rather the name of the creator's late horse. This horse was the inspiration for the species which is why the species was named after it.[3]


Being a regulated species, the appearance of Dutch Angel Dragons is quite specific. Dutch Angel Dragons are said to not be regular animals and do not possess sexual organs, a digestive tract, or many other organs present in most Earth life. The markings and appearance of a Dutch Angel Dragon may change throughout its life.[4]

Dutch Angel Dragons have a furred horse-like body with large avian wings. They possess thick muscular tails like that of many dragons. Tails may be short or long. Dutch Angel Dragon heads are comparable to horse heads, but their snouts are more square and their ears are much larger. Dutch Angel Dragons feature digitigrade paws but may also have hooves.[5]

According to the design document a Dutch Angel Dragon may not have more than 4 wings, 4 eyes, 4 ears, or 2 tails. More than 4 legs or similar supernumerary limbs are not allowed. Hybrids and taurs are not allowed.[4] It is unclear how different a character can be before it isn't considered a Dutch Angel Dragon.


Dutch Angel Dragons are said to be supernatural beings who interact with the natural world (Terra) as guardian angels. They are also said to inhabit a different dimension (the Aether) where they can change their appearance at will and even reincarnate. They can use their abilities to grant themselves special abilities or to interact with the natural world.[5]

All Dutch Angel Dragons once had a ring-shaped mark around their snout. The marking represented their loyalty to their original realm (Paradise) but due to conflicts it was removed to symbolize the breaking of their loyalty.[6] This was the reason why no Dutch Angel Dragons except for Telephone could have such a ring-shaped marking around their muzzle. This rule was later changed to allow such a marking on new designs.[7]


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