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DustyTheMare, also known as SilverStarPony,[1] is a female artist and fursuiter[2] who lives in Louisville, Kentucky, USA.[3][4] Her character Dusty is a "Dapple gray blanket appaloosa throughbred".[5]

In June 2013 she posted:

I was put on artist beware just because this guy wasn't happy with the art.

He CHOSE to bid $40 and AFTER I completed it, he's now trying to scam me be getting the money back on

paypal and I offered him a FREE piece of artwork to make up for it but nope it's now back to this[6]


On November 17, 2013, a report was posted to the   artists-beware community on LiveJournal, indicating that she had not produced artwork paid for five months previously, and had subsequently "disabled her user page and notes, making it impossible to contact her".[7]


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