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Dustin is a blue anthropomorphic Gelert fur based on Neopets. Also has a Mewtwo Form. He has cub and feral forms for both.
Dustin Drawn By himself

He enjoys Writing and Drawing.


He plays usually as a Blue, lithe Hermaphrodite Gelert with a white patch of fur that goes from his chin to his crotch (not covering either his jaw or his crotch). His Dark Blue hair is either Cut long or short depending on his mood at the time. His Ears are long and come down to his hips, while his tail is the same length. 5'8" tall with B Cups on his chest, he is usually embarrassed by them but enjoys the fact that they allow him to wear more elegant clothes. He has Digitigrade legs with three toes on each foot paw, three fingers and a thumb on each hand all with soft pink pads. Usually always wears green Clothing


Never separated from them, he has the ability to shape the area around him to do what he wants. His ears and tail are extremely strong yet rarely used he prefers not to get involved in a fight but doesn't mind flaunting his skills. His most liked weapons are Micro filament threads that extend from the tips of his fingers, or Playing cards. He can Float and Fly when the mood suits him, and tends to sit down when talking even when there are no chairs available usually sitting on nothing at all.


Not much different to His character. He lives in Perth Australia and enjoys playing video games. Games like WoW, PSO (phantasy star online), Evil genius, Dungeon Keeper, The Sims, Roller coaster tycoon, are all what he prefers playing and shy's away from FPS games.

Sexuality He is Gay, Openly and Happily gay yet not flamboyant. He will rp with herms and enjoys Impregnation. He is Mated yet the relationship is Open online, and closed rl.

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