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Durango Dingo

Durango Dingo is a fursuiter who lives in Marietta, Georgia, USA. His fursona (and fursuit) is a dingo. His fursuit was built by Lacy in 2006.


Durango is responsible for organizing a great portion of the events in the Atlanta area, including a monthly fursuit bowling outing and a weekly furmeet at Steak and Shake. He enjoys hanging out with his friends at both the MurrFurs local Steak and Shake and Taco Mac furmeets, which are based in the Atlanta area.

Durango frequents numerous furry conventions, including Furry Weekend Atlanta, MegaPlex, Rocket City FurMeet, Anthrocon, Oklacon, Mephit FurMeet, and Midwest FurFest. He has served as staff on the hospitality committee for Furry Weekend Atlanta, and as Co-Chair and Fursuiting Activities Director of Oklacon.

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