Duma "Tiggy" Alexander

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Duma "Tiggy" Alexander is a furry who lives in Opelika, Alabama, U.S.A.


Duma has quite a few characters, his main ones being Duma Tiberu Alexander and Rubian Ceagal. Duma is a white tiger with hazel hair and soft blue eyes, and an orange patch on his chest. Duma can be any age from as young as eight, to as old as twenty-five.

Rubian is a black maneless lion with varying shades of red in his long hair and tail. He is a rocker lion with multiple piercings, wrapped hair, a leather spiked tail ring, and a tribal sun tattoo on his left pectoral.

Real life[edit]

In real life, Duma graduated high school in 2007. He avidly enjoys cooking, as well as photography and painting. He lives with his mate Lucas Arcadia Kale a black and silver three tailed kitsune

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