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The Duhamel Corporation is a fictional company that exists in the Blue Forest series by K. M. Hirosaki. It is a multinational corporation, with at least one prominent headquarters within the city of Blue Forest itself. Geoffrey Duhamel is the Chief Executive Officer and President of the Duhamel Corporation. Little else is known about Duhamel himself, as he has not appeared in person in the course of the story.

The construction of the Duhamel Building in Blue Forest is part of the corporation's project to revitalize the city's industry and economy. The project is headed and supervised by Jason Nienau, First Executive Assistant to Geoffrey Duhamel and the Duhamel Corporation's Chief Operating Officer.

Although the full scope of the corporation's dealings have not been disclosed, they are known to produce and develop technological products, including bloodcheckers, and other items of military and police interest. It is also apparent that the corporation is both very wealthy and has a lot of clout in business and political spheres.

Other Duhamel Corporation Personnel[edit]

  • Collin Middendorf, Assistant Director of Projects
  • Nathan Allemande works the Blue Forest Regional Health Authority, which has close ties to the Duhamel Corporation's research groups.

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