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The Duhamel Building is a fictional location from K. M. Hirosaki's Blue Forest. It is a massive skyscraper that, by current story reckoning, is under construction in the city of Blue Forest.

The building represents the central facet of the Duhamel Corporation's large-scale project to revitalize the industrial and corporate sectors of Blue Forest, which collapsed several decades prior. Heading the project is the Duhamel Corporation's Chief Operating Officer, Jason Nienau; the assignment of such a prominent executive to the project has sent a strong message to business world and to the government that the Duhamel Corporation takes the project quite seriously.

Although the skyscraper itself is not yet complete, it is nevertheless the tallest building in Blue Forest, visible from just about anywhere in the city. Its construction is no less than a technological marvel, and judging from current construction progress, it is apparent that Duhamel has employed some brilliant and daring architects for its creation. Many theorize that the building will be among the tallest--if not the tallest--in the world once it is complete.

The building itself is set to be a hub for corporate real estate, and the Duhamel Corporation hopes to lure many prominent companies back to Blue Forest by offering them prime office space for ridiculously low cost. Much of the building, however, appears to be reserved for the Duhamel Corporation itself, including several laboratories and other research and development facilities.

The Blue Forest Police Special Arms Task Unit carried out a raid on the Duhamel Building, killing eight individuals in the attack, including noted underworld figure Innokenty Ural. Rumors were about in the immediate aftermath of the raid, claiming that the Duhamel Corporations own President and Chief Executive Officer Geoffrey Duhamel had been killed in the attack, but the corporation was quick to put down these rumors, stating that Duhamel himself had not been on the premises at the time.

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