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Dublin Zoo is an Irish webcomic by Kevin Thompson. It is set in Dublin, capital city of Ireland, and follows the lives of four twenty-something animals. The comic ran between January-August 2005, and is on hiatus whilst Thompson is at college.


  • Dave (Full name - David John Robert Stephens) – A 20-year-old fox and law student, originally from a small town in western-Ireland. He is a homosexual, and has yet to tell his family, but rumours about his sexuality have been spread around. Lives in Rich’s flat.
  • Rich (Full name - Richard Edward Luke Smith) – 20-year-old rabbit and engineering student from Blanchardstown, Dublin. Rich never does any studying, instead spend most of his time his flat, wearing only his underpants.
  • Caitlin (Full name - Caitlin Julia Troy) – A 21-year-old cat who is studying the same law course as Dave. She is one of Dave’s best friends, and helped him get used to the outside world. Originally from County Cork, southern Ireland.
  • Ryan – 23-year-old Ryan is a mixture. Originally from Boston, USA he is of various different species (mostly wolf) and has had several jobs, from bouncer to bum. A friend of Caitlin’s he first came to Dublin and lived in a crackhouse, then moved in with Dave and Rich.

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