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The Dual Blade universe is a story universe created by the furry author Nadan. The first version of the Dual Blade (DB) universe appeared in early 2000. In 2005 Nadan undertook a project to further define the DB universe. The home of the DB universe was found at Nadan's website, which has now been taken offline.

The stories of the DB universe take place in a dimension parallel to ours, on a planet physically identical to ours, by the name of Terra. Although there are more than a dozen sentient anthropomorphic species on Terra, there were originally no humans on that world. As described in the DB story entitled "On the Flip Side", an accident lead a relatively small population of humans to appear on Terra, transferred from Earth. Several major political and military powers across Terra, who vie for power. Each of the sentient species on Terra (of which there are at least 20) has its own well defined physiology, history, culture, and -- in many cases -- language and religion.

Planet of Terra[edit]

Terra is a version of Earth which exists in a dimension parallel to Earth. Because of that, the physical locations and geography of our world is mirrored in Terra. Unlike Earth, there are not many populous cities on Terra. Most of its residents do not prefer large cities. The larger cities are populated by Humans, Nonili (lion-morphs), the Covey (see below), and the Lupine Alliance (see below).

Races of Terra[edit]

The native races of Terra are diverse in biology and psychology. The anthro- races that populate the Dual Blade Universe are not simply "humans in fur coats." Considerable thought was given to the biology of the base animal as well as how, and which ones of, those traits would appear in an anthro- version. The world features morphs of the following species: raccoon, skunks, wolves, crows/ravens, jays, rabbits, lions, tigers, domestic cats, bears, hogs, cervids, antelope, and more. Each race has its own history of interaction with the other species in their area. Some get along quite well, while others have been entrenched in generations long wars. Some live with nature while others live with technology. There are also many languages on Terra. The most common language is known as Errna (pronounced urn-uh). Errna is the native language of the nacron (raccoon-morphs). Because of their close ties to the dominant world power (the Covey), and because the language of the Covey is hard to speak without a beak for a mouth, Errna has sprouted far and wide, even erasing some languages completely (much as Spanish and English have on Earth.)

Politics of Terra[edit]

The DB universe also offers political intrigue. Powers and alliances have shifted throughout time, causing both bad blood between peoples and major shifts in spheres of influence. Some of these historical changes, and the current realities of life on Terra, are explored here.

The Susal[edit]

The susal (susa, singular) are a race of hog-morphs originating from sub-Saharan Africa. These people are one of the physically largest and strongest races on Terra. Their spartan lifestyle and military tactics lead them to military domination of the African continent in years past. At the apex of their civilization, the warring and fractured susian tribes bound together and crushed the resistance of the nonili (lion-morphs) and other feline species making up the Brotherhood. Eventually the susal tried to conquer southern Europe and fight a dual front against the Lupine Alliance and the Covey. With the leadership of the Covey, the Lupine Alliance and Brotherhood came together to wage war on the susal. Between these three powers, the Susian Empire was completely devastated; every major stronghold was completely destroyed. The remaining tribes were fractured and disjointed. They have never again been a world power.

The Lupine Alliance[edit]

The Lupine Alliance is a strong alliance between the world's two wolf-like races, the gra'nak and the wre'nek. About three-quarters of all wre'nek and a half of all gra'nak belong to the Alliance. The Alliance controls large portions of eastern and western Europe, and huge swaths of North America. The Alliance has a long history of war against the Brotherhood. No one is quite sure who started the conflict; each side blames the other.

The Brotherhood[edit]

The Brotherhood is a loose association of feline species who have formed to confront and defend against advances of the Lupine Alliance. The Brotherhood depends on guerilla tactics in its war against the Alliance. Not all felines belong to the Brotherhood, and with each Alliance attack against felines who are not a part of the Brotherhood, more flock to the group to lend it their support and receive its protection. The main exception to this kind of clandestine operation is the nonili, a lion-morph species who live in large towns and cities and maintain territory. This not only makes them a target for the Alliance in North America, but makes them somewhat suspect to other Brotherhood members. For some purist Brotherhood members, the nonili are too wolf-like in their lifestyle.

The Covey[edit]

Terra's most powerful, most feared, and most respected political and military entity is the Covey. The Covey is made up of raven-like krekas and jay-like korkos. The krekas are the only morphs on the planet to have flight (the korkos cannot fly) and no artificial flying machine has been invented. With their use of napalm, military intelligence, and reputation of fairness and secrecy, the Covey has long been feared and respected -- but when they orchestrated a temporary alliance between the Brotherhood and the Lupine Alliance, lead the charge to devastate the Susian Empire, and then pulled back right before the extinction of the Susal (letting the race continue on), they found even more power. Covey towns and cities tend to be very multi-racial, although the kreka are elitist and look down on 'furred' races. The korko, who are few in number but creative geniuses, are hidden away in walled off sections of Covey cities from which they organize, invent, and rule.

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