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Druids Cover.png
Author(s) Amocin
Launch date March 31st, 2011
End Date Ongoing
Genre Erotic, Fantasy, Romance
Censor NC17 button.png

Druids is a furry erotic webcomic created by Amocin. The comic started on March 31st 2011 and was originally limited to uploads on Fur Affinity. As the comic grew in popularity, eventually a website was created and the comic is exclusive uploaded there. New fully colored pages are uploaded every Monday. There are pages that contains graphic sexual images and is intended for mature audiences.


Druids is based on the World of Warcraft setting and lore. It explores the unusual and erotic relationship of two druids from the opposite sides of a War. The story focuses mainly on the relationship between Kinar, a Worgen and Serid, a Tauren. The comic starts with Kinar and Serid at the dawn of their relationship. As the story has progressed, it is currently focusing on Kinar's troubled past.


Age: 25
Race: Worgen
Class: Druid
Specialty: Feral
Bio: Kinar's many scars show that not only is she a bad person to have your back in battle, but she is also an inefficient healer to boot. While most would take that as a sign of weakness, none are willing to call her bluff the moment she starts giving a disapproving glare. When not giving the glare of doom, she is as shy and as timid as a mouse, which often wins the hearts of even the most hardened soldiers.
Age: 29
Race: Tauren
Class: Druid
Specialty: Balance
Bio: Serid is a tough guy, and he needs to be with such a pretty face, otherwise people wouldn't take him seriously. As a Master Druid, his first student was forced on him after a fight that nearly killed her. While not completely reformed to the idea of loving thy enemy, he has taken a step back on raids that consisted of killing those of the new wolven race. Around others he keeps up the appearance that he hates every moment he spends with Kinar, but in private he cant keep his hands off her.
Age: 32
Race: Worgen
Class: Death Knight
Specialty: Frost
Bio: There is little doubt that Amo is a killer, but she is also a woman, and loves every bit of gossip she can get her claws on. When she is not soaked in blood, she seeks 'details' from her fellow friends of their adventures and exploits, the dirtier the better.
Age: 50
Race: Worgen
Class: Warrior
Specialty: Fury
Bio: Koutack is an old battle worn bad ass who doesn't give a flying fuck what you think of him. During the fall of Gilneas he lost his wife and four children, making him all that more protective of what little family he has left.
Age: 31
Race: Worgen
Class: Druid
Specialty: Switches to fit the needs of the group
Bio: Shaidan is Kinar's older brother, and Amo's husband. One of the most level headed Worgen in their group, Shai would rather sit back and have a few drinks then get involved in the great wars between factions. Like most Worgen, he hates the Horde for invading their homeland, but usually keeps his opinions about the faction wars to himself.
Age: 5
Race: Netherwing Drake
Bio: How Kinar acquired a netherwing egg is a mystery, but nobody could deny that magic is what caused the hatchling to mature as quickly as he did. There is a lot of unknowns about this creature, but one thing is very certain, he is completely loyal to his rider.
Age: 34
Race: Tauren
Class: Druid
Specialty: Balance
Bio: Kaitrin is true to the Druid name, believing in peace above all else. He doesn't partake in the faction wars, or look down on anybody for their race or other affiliations. The only way to get on his bad side is to participate in the blind hate the world seems consumed with. As a close friend to Serid, he is one of the few people who know about the relationship going on between the Worgen and her Tauren Teacher.
Age: 27
Race: Worgen
Class: Druid
Specialty: Feral
Bio: Victor is a very proud and patriotic Gilnean, and has many personal reasons for hating the Horde. As the war between the factions has had a great effect on his life, there is very little that would make him think that the Horde is anything less then pure evil. As he is a good friend to Shai, he often helps out whenever Shai or his family needs help with something.

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