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Dropout Bear is Kanye West's mascot and trademark. Kanye West is a 21-time Grammy Award winning American rapper and record producer. Dropout Bear is used in his albums The College Dropout and Late Registration. West wears the bear's head and arm in the album's cover, while for the cover of Graduation the dropout bear was transformed into an animated character.


Dropout Bear first appeared on Kanye's debut album The College Dropout and soon became his trademark as it received a large amount of positive public response. The original bear was just a college mascot but soon transformed into a smaller but still anthropomorphic bear that represented Kanye, and is featured on the cover of Late Registration. Dropout Bear transformed into an animated character on the album cover of Graduation appearing as he was in the music video Good Morning. Soon the animated bear became the official brand logo on clothes in Kanye West's online store. Dropout Bear has also become the mascot for Kanye West appeared in MTV's dances of the summer article. However, Dropout Bear did not appear on West's 2008 album 808's & Heartbreak but reappeared on an alternate cover for the subsequent My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy (2010) as a zombified, dead-looking decrepit version ,then disappeared for Yeezus (2013) and The Life of Pablo (2016).

Good Morning Music Video[edit]

Dropout Bear

West's music video entitled Good Morning[1] featured Dropout Bear in a cartoon/realistic hybrid animation style. The characters featured in the video have anthropomorphic features and live in a world parallel to the human world where animals are the humans. The buildings all have names of Kanye West Songs on them like "Stronger". The theme of the video is Dropout Bear rushing to his college graduation dealing with car troubles, waiting too long in the line for the bus, being ignored by a taxicab, and missing the train. He finally makes it to graduation and receives his diploma in front of his class. This is the first of Kanye West's music videos that features an anthropomorphic character as the protagonist.


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