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The Furcadia Dream Editor 0.8

Dreams are user-created places in Furcadia. They require the combination of patch-making and DragonSpeak scripting to work. Dreams can be virtually anything that can be thought of and patched. There are large collections of patches out there, both on the Furcadia site and on other sites, such as the Roamheart Patch Database and Furcadia Art Zone.

Any furre on Furcadia can make a dream, but dreams can only be uploaded in certain places. The Imaginarium and Allegria Island are good places to find user-created dreams.

Some dreams include a dream upload pad where anyone can upload; in other dreams only those with shared control can upload dreams.

The name of the furre who created the dream is the name of the dream.

The dream uploader is the owner and can decide to share control with other furres. One way of doing this is to put it in the DragonSpeak so that the other furre gets to share every time they enter the dream. Another way is for the uploader to say, "share <furre name>" and the named furre will have shared control of the dream. They can then emit and eject other furres. They can do anything the uploader can in the dream except give other people share.

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