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Drayo (formerly Stegs) (born July 27, 1987) is a artist who specialising in anthropomorphic furry art. Also known as Drayo the Drax, Drayo Drax & Spittorbone on Youtube.

Personal life[edit]

Status: Taken since 21.8.2009

Origin: Czech Republik

Work: Employed - Pastry-cook

Fandom involvement[edit]

Drayo participated in the furry community since early 2007 creating a account on deviantART


Most of his art is traditional with a pencil, lines are made with a 0,5mm black liner & sometimes with a ballpen.

Colors done mostly digital with Photoshop, some art are traditional with felt tips or color pencils.
Main part of his Art is Anthropomorphic known as Furry Art with specialization for Scalies (Lizards, Dragons, etc.)

General and Adult rated art, Abstract Art, Tattoo Designs & partly dealing with modeling & animating in 3D.


His fursona is a Drax, a red dragon anthropomorphic evolution originating at Planet Riegs.


Most of his comics are in Adult Nature on his 2nd FA acount and website.

Convention attendance[edit]


Offitial website http://drayo.eu/

Registered since 13.2.2012

Other Projects[edit]

FURloid.net website
UTAU Voice Banks fof his Characters
MMD Models


"Drayo Character Sheet" by Drayo on his deviantART account. Posted April 22, 2009 (Updated one).

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