Drayke Blaze

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Drayke's fursona.

Drayke Blaze is a fursuiter from Norwich, England.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Drayke and his mate, Kaidron Dragon, organize Norwich furmeets that are advertised on UKFur.org. There is one furmeet per month and details about them can be found in the "East section" on UKFur.org.


Draykes's fursona is a half-Eastern, half-Western dragon who is black with red horns and belly, red eyes, and long brown hair.


Drayke got his first fursuit in the Winter of 2011, which was made by TinyTeaDragon. He fursuits with it at the Norwich furmeets and London furmeets, and cosplays at various events in Norwich.

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