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"Drama" is a slang term used within various fandoms, referring to unnecessary and often immature emotional turmoil, such as that created through negative social interactions or gossip.

Another slang definition of drama refers to an ongoing conflict between two or more people, such as a continuing exchange of insults or slanderous activity against the person(s).

Drama Llama[edit]

Describes a person who causes or propagates drama, often towards an user or an artwork style. Here the usage of llama is only for the rhyming nature of the phrase, not for any furry related angle.

Another term, perhaps far more common, for one that intentionally causes drama is known as a troll. Trolls usually are enhancers of drama, pointing out mistakes from an user, or more usually for a troll taking their defense with obviously intentional logical fallacies.

Drama and furry[edit]

Drama is often delineated within the furry fandom as "furry drama", normally caused by anti-furs such as trolls, goons, anonymous and/or griefers, although members of the fandom proper have more than often helped with it.[1]

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