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This is Drakonman's Personal Logo

Drakonman (Born August, 13, 1992) [1] is a Male furry who lives in, Ontario, Canada. He is a Furry Artist, Enviromental Designer, Fursuiter and a aspiring Game developer. He own's Two Fursuits. Drakonman; A Neon orange Red Fox Fursuit created by the artist; Valrus[2], and Boogaloo; a Bullmastiff-Sheppard partial created by the artist; Kalamari[3].


He joined the Furry Fandom Early 2009 when he first discovered it on the Facepunch community board. He began taking part in the furry community Mid 2011 after he discovered that there was more to the Fandom than the online world by stumbling across a Furmeet at Anime North 2011. He starting to try and figure out ways to make a bigger community, or draw the community closer together. He Joined Secondlife after Anime North 2011 and continued to search for more of the fandom. He came across the Ontario Furries community board hosted by Dan Skunk. He attempted to create a Furry Community in 2012 in Barrie, Ontario, Canada, however, it had failed due to personal life issues. The community had regular meets and grew to 5 people attending monthly. Drakonman is known to host many parties at Furry_conventions. He is most known for his Underwear party at Furnal Equinox with a guest total of 85. He has made it a yearly tradition at Furnal_Equinox since 2014. September, 2015 He began creation of a SecondLife club with the help of his close friends Khrovotan, Ziel, Ceaser, and Kick. The club is known as Blu-Yiff.


Boogaloo the first fursuit owned by Drakonman made his debut at Furnal_Equinox 2015, however, had not made many public appearances.

Drakonman' Fursuit shown at FE 2016

Drakonman (Fursuit) made his debut at Furnal_Equinox 2016. The grumpy fox made his first appearance at the fursuit parade of the convention. Since Furnal_Equinox 2016 the fursuit has had some minor modifications such as detailing on the eyes as well and a bit of air-dye Shading.


Drakonman' Secondlife Avatar as of July 3rd 2016

Drakonman joined Secondlife in May, 2011. He is one of the Owners of the Secondlife club Paws-Up Pad. He had created a lot of the artwork for the club as well as the atmosphere and design.

Traditional Party[edit]

The party itself has caused much controversy within the local community, however, is still successful and sought after by many local furries. The party started as a joke at Furnal_Equinox 2014 however expanded quickly as people continued to request for another one for the following year and has gained momentum ever since. The party of 2015 had the Tequila Theme and had an attendance of 25 people. The Following year had a theme of Underwear/Tequila celebration with the goal to help people show their body to help them feel more confident and comfortable with themselves. The party had and attendance of 85 people total.

Convention Attendance[edit]

Furnal Equinox

  • 2012 "Infurnally Yours"
  • 2013 "Furries in Uniform"
  • 2014 "Circus!" (First year of the Traditional Party)
  • 2015 "Furry Arcade" (Debut of Boogaloo)
  • 2016 "Superheroes" (Debut of Drakonman)
  • 2017 "Rock the Fandom"


Drakonman has been an artist most of his life. His skills really picked up in high school when he began studying Human Anatomy, Shading, and still life portraits. In 2009 He began experimenting with Digital art. Ever since then he had enhanced his skills to more than just pictures. His skill in the digital medium includes Digital Sketching and inking, 3D modeling and Design, Video Editing, Environmental Design, Static Object design as well as Advanced 3D Sculpting. He is proficient in many different variations of Graphic Design software. Such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, PaintTool SAI, Gimp, Maya, Zbrush, 3Ds MAX and, Blender.

Game Development[edit]

Early Image of Unreal Engine 4 Work in 2016

His early work within game develop has been lost for a long time but the earliest game created by him was a Bullet Storm game created in the Game Maker engine in 2003. He experimented in creating his own Mario RPG game in RPG MAKER 2003. In 2004 - 2005 He worked on his own Zelda game with custom assets which he created himself as an introductory to sprites and basic Animations. In 2006 he began working in the Source Engine and made maps for Half Life 2 Deathmatch. His maps can be ground on the SkullShock Community servers [4]. Im 2007 He had offered his help with a GMOD community known as GMOD TOWER. He Created textures as well as some scripts for the community however it was short lived due to internal conflicts with the mod itself. 2008 - 2010 He began modding games such as The Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion. from 2014 - 2015 he worked with the Skywind/SkyOblivion Drakonmans Work on SkyOblivion </ref>. team to help recreate the games Morrowind, and Oblivion in the Skyrim game engine. The mod has been featured in many gaming Magazines including PC-Gamer


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