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General Knowledge[edit]

Drakkon is the name of a fur living in the Northern Virginia area. His primary fursona is a dragon. In the past he was involved with FurryMUCK, Furcadia, various smaller gaming MU*s, administrating a variety of games, usually WoD-related, online, and World of Warcraft. He has attended Anthrocon, Pandaguy's Picnics, and various DC-Metro area functions.

Recently, Drakkon has been active playing WoW and GW2. He has several World of Warcraft characters, most of which are Tauren and Worgen, and is an active member of the predominant furry guilds on the Bloodhoof server, Legion (Alliance)/Order (Horde) of the Claws. Both are soon to be under new management, sadly, as the current Guild Master has quit playing the game.

He also runs a number of RPGs with friends, including a couple run online over email and IM services. He is always willing to accept new players, but has one requirement: respect the Game Master and your fellow players.

Drakkon's fursona is a large ebon-scaled drake with white glowing eyes, long obsidian horns, and a maw that glows from the fires that light in his belly. He is a powerful spellcaster, earning him the surname "Darkspell", a sage free with his wisdom, and champion of the oppressed, sometimes to their displeasure. He is also a skilled shapeshifter, and can sometimes be found in the form of a fox, a wolf, or even a snow leopard. Drakkon's other known fursonas include Jerodan Diogenes (a Red Fox), Tanrac Starsong (an otter), Shadowpaw (a black wolf), and Keltin Diogenes (an Arctic Fox).

Drakkon's human is a tech support engineer, well versed in Cisco routers, VoIP technology, and video game programming. Currently, he works as a Tech Support Agent for a major defense contractor. He has been mated to Rogal Ursus, a Kodiak Grizzly bear fur since 2011.

A Note on Drama[edit]

Though he has sometimes been part of the drama spectacles that plague the furry fandom in Northern Virginia, Drakkon is rarely the cause or instigator of these incidents. Because of his strong personality and often proud nature, he comes off as abrasive, and thus becomes the target of those seeking to make a name for themselves and/or join in on the trolling. He does not apologize for anything that he doesn't start, but has often admitted when he is actually in the wrong. With the politically charged atmosphere in the Northern Virginia area, drama is never far away, and Drakkon has come to accept this as part of his life. To those who know him better, however, there isn't much he won't do to help you out. He has commented several times about how people can live with each other for years and still not know anything about each other.

Current RPGs and Projects[edit]

Roleplaying Games[edit]

Current Projects[edit]

  • A Furry Blue Planet Character Generation Excel Spreadsheet
  • A Furry MMO based off his Darktide Setting
  • Several Darktide Novels, Short Stories, and RPG/FPS Video Games to support the MMO
  • Kickstarter campaign to fund novels which will fund video games

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