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Drakeal Estates is a former group of sims in FurNation Worlds in Second Life.


It was made up of three sims owned by Ethen Pow: Drakeal Prime, Drakeal Tui and Drakeal Wood. Drakeal Estates were extra rental lots that cost more, but which offered less lag and terraforming rights, giving rentors greater freedom. Drakeal Estates was a free-for-all type of community; Humans and Furs were ok in this area and many Businesses were built here.

The Furnation Mall, now Drakeal Mall, is also owned by Ethen Pow.

As of May 2008, Ethen Pow broke away from FurNation Worlds, and took his sims elsewhere.

Around September 30th 2008 Drakeal Tui was handed over to Aiden Zhichao Because of money owed to him. The Sim name was Then renamed to FurNation Heroes and was moved back to the FurNation worlds [UPDATE: Furnation Heroes is now known as Foxxrun Heroes and is no longer assosiated with Furnation as of Feb 3, 2010]

The other 2 Sims including Drakeal Mall were sold off to other Unknown people.

Drakeal Prime appeared on Second Life before FurNation Dragon was online, about March-April 2007. It had 48 rental lots, and was policed by its staff to keep the peace. Drakeal Tui was the commercial sim of Drakeal Estates, and came online May 2007. Drakeal Wood was a themed sim, made to give more content to Drakeal Estates; it came online Feb 2nd, 2008.

Drakeal Estates Closed late 2009 because Ethen Pow's dislike for Linden Lab's lack of interest for their customers. Selling all his sims and hardly ever comes online again.

Ethen Pow Had this to say "I enjoyed being apart of furnation and wished that I sticked around longer.. Though I was upfront with all the admins... though I tried to have people to be upfront with me I had actions taken on me without any questions given to me... I would have stayed and Drakeal Estates would have been far larger than Furnation... Its Linden Labs poor actions to their Residents that they promote so much about... Though I feel sorry for the people I pissed off but as far I can see, I was being as reasonable as possible. Even that didn't work. sense it is the past you can't change, only learn."

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