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Drake Faolan TigerClaw is a furry artist who has been active in the furry fandom since around 2000. Drake lives in Eastman, Georgia.

Until 2009 Drake was a tiger character; he now maintains the tiger as a story character. Since 2009 his artist character has been a Tyrannosaur.

Personal background[edit]


Drake is an amateur artist who has been active since 1999. Because he had no formal art training until 2003, he developed his own style. Drake's art can be found predominantly on Fur Affinity, Deviant Art, and VCL.

Primary Characters Drake TigerClaw, Vasha Vinodragova, Laura Stephan, Daku Dragon, Taipa, Leon


As of 2008 Drake had a Private certificate with an Instrument rating, and was in the process of obtaining further ratings.

Sky Ordinance Co.[edit]

Sky Ordnance Company is a fictitious organization which appears in the Wild Aces universe created by Drake TigerClaw. Although fictitious in it's full range Drake uses the brand for his own distributions and products.The company's crest is a dragon forming the letters SOC in the body with non alphabetic stylized wings.

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