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Drake Duck (aka Drake Q. Duck, Esq.) is a midwestern furry, who is an anthropomorphic male mallard duck, drawn and portrayed toonishly.

Drake has been floating around the furry community since 1995, originally creating a character on FurryMUCK, (Arick, an anthropomorphic bald eagle with dyed blue head feathers) but allowed the character to go dormant. 1997 saw the emergence of a re-designed character by the name of Strangedrake Flashblade, a fan-created character in the Mighty Ducks: The Animated Series (Disney produced show, 1997) universe, however this character did not step foot into the FurryMUCK system. Eventually distancing himself from the Mighty Ducks fandom, he shortened the name to simply Drake Duck.

Drake has been involved in the transformation community since landing on the internet in 1994, first joining the TSA-Talk mailing list (originally run by Thomas Hassan), eventually venturing out on to his own archive simply dubbed The Drake Experience, which resided on the now-defunt Feathers.net domain, under the drake.furvect.com URL.

Drake has directed the fursuit video Super Alphi, which was featured on CNN.com's iReport section, as well as on-air, and is currently in-works with additional so-called "live-action cartoons," some of which were completed and posted to his YouTube page, as detailed below.

Drake acquired Bosco Bear from Jimmy Chin in January of 2010.

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