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Drait-NX (in full Drait Naruya Xalder; born February 10, 1990)[1] is a dragon furry who lives in Lincoln, Lincolnshire, England.[1]


Drait-NX is 6' tall and 16' long. He is still a child and has not yet grown into all of his powers. He doesn't even know what they are yet, though he does know that his element is water.

Drait's scales are sapphire-blue, as are his eyes. A row of silver spikes run along his neck and back. He has a scar on his right leg from an incident in his past.

Fursona backstory[edit]

Drait-NX is only about 16 years old. He is very quiet and avoids contact with other creatures, due to an incident in his past. When he was seven, his mother (Skyra) was killed by humans, and since then he has flown alone. He is very emotional and follows what his heart tells him.

Because Drait does not have much contact with other creatures (even other dragons), when he does talk to someone he is quiet and doesn't know what to say. If he does choose someone as a friend, he will protect them with his very life. The big problem that Drait has is that he has so much stored up anger which he has kept it bottled up, and he is afraid that one day he will explode and hurt innocent creatures. That is why he travels alone.

Each night, Drait stares up at the stars, hoping that he will finally sort himself out, but he knows that it will take time and a good friend to do it. He doesn't mind though. He just knows that it will be the hardest thing he will have ever done. Currently mated to Akinobu Kazekura, a five-tailed kitsune


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