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Dana Dragonpaw is a furry from British Columbia, Canada. She has previously lived in Alberta, Ontario, and Saskatchewan. She was born in 1989 to a pastor and a writer. She has known about the fandom since her early teens, but did not join until her late teens.


The human and fursona are treated as mostly separate entities - the fursona is really more of a roleplaying character and obvious mask between the real and online identity.

Dana is a four foot tall silver shapeshifter whose primary form is a dragon, with wings, a tail, and a somewhat horse-like head. Her neck is long like a Dragon's, but her proportions are otherwise relatively close to that of a human. She is not typically depicted by the character's owner as having breasts.

In her other forms, the two constants are beige fur and the fact that the area in which ears would be usually have three "spikes" of fur, feathers, or other features.


Dana uses furry websites such as Fur Affinity (under the username of DanaDragonpaw). She is not an incredibly active member of the fandom, and is usually on non-furry sites. She may be a little hard to reach if you do not know her personally, and she likes it that way.

She also loves to draw and paint, be it anthropomorphic art or the more conventional kind. Her favorite media to use are pencils, pens, and watercolour paints. She mostly draws for fun, but intends be an animator when she's finished with her schooling.

Reading and writing are further hobbies of Dana's; she likes to write in the fantasy and steampunk genres. She is not published yet.

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