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Dragonide (known as Slitcher on deviantART; born November 6, 1991)[1] is a furry artist and author who lives in the United Kingdom.[2] His fursona is a weredragon.

Dragonide is usually found on Dragonide's Dungeon Lair, a forum which he himself owns. He enjoys writing gay-themed adult stories, and his artwork (mostly Transformation art) is coloured by computer. He is inspired by the works of Kuma and Kanada.

Dragonide loves all hooved animals, such as donkeys, horses, and bulls. Since then, he can now be found under a new name at fur affinity, Theevilguest.

Dragonide's Dungeon Lair was a furry themed forum owned by Dragonide. All kinds of topics and fetishes were welcome, and it was thus the most focused on artwork, stories and literature. However after opening in 2007, a lack of traffic meant it was forced to close in late 2008


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