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Dragon Flame also known simply as Dragon (real name: Unknown; age : estimated 30s; sex : unknown) is an Australian furry artist, creator of the Shape shifting Dragon/Tiger hybrid known simply as Dragon and the blue tiger named Flame hence the name Dragon Flame.


Predominantly active during the early 90's Dragon was a well know artist for the time but not so well know now due to leaving the community for many years after 1997, known for being one of the earliest artist to make works completely in digital using software such as Photoshop and Flash.

He/She mostly created clean artwork and comics involving original character but has also been known to release slightly suggestive artwork from time to time involving both original and non original characters.

Dragon Flames real name and sex has never been revealed due to well founded paranoia but from discussions in 2003 it is assumed that Dragon is now around 30 years of age as of 2013 and was born in April.

A lot of Dragon Flames Artwork has been lost over the years and its next to impossible to find any posted anywhere.

Departure and Return[edit]

Dragon Flame dropped out of the furry community in 1997, the reason stated by people who claimed to be friends with Dragon was that Fans or possibly Anti-Fur individuals had tracked down where he/she was currently living although this is not confirmed by Dragon, not a lot of information was revealed as to what had actually happened other than legal action was taken against some individuals but the event resulted in Dragon removing all artwork posted on various sites and disappearing till 2003.

Upon his/her return in 2003 Dragon stated that for now he/she would only make private commissions, Dragon then disappeared again in 2007 due to personal reasons and then reappeared again in 2012 which he/she stated that all old artwork may be posted again at a later date and new works would be created including the continuation of the comic if interest was shown.


Dragon - Real name Unknown and simply called Dragon is a shape shifting Dragon/Tiger hybrid who is quick to anger and is in love with his female partner Flame, Dragons real gender is unknown due to constantly changing form but is considered to be male which is the gender of his main form. Dragon is assumed to be straight as he has only shown interest in a relationship with females.

Original Characters[edit]

  • Flame - A Blue Female Tiger in her 20s, she is in love with Dragon but acts as if she isn't when in public which drives Dragon crazy, Flame is Bisexual but is faithful to Dragon Flame.
  • Rainbow - Dragons Flames Ex, she is a Bisexual Rainbow colored Dragon who original had a relationship with Dragon which ended badly and then later became friends with Flame, unknown to Dragon and Rainbow and to their surprise Flame organized them to meet and jokes as a possible third partner in the relationship which ended in many hilarious and awkward scenes within the comic but ultimately ends well.
  • Jigsaw - A Female Cobra who lived is seclusion studding medical cures in the forest, her childhood was harsh due to prejudice against the snake species, she saved Dragon Flames life when he was poisoned and became good friends with Dragon, Flame and Rainbow, she is in her 30's and is straight and has shown no interest in anything but friendship in her relationships.
  • Thorn - A Male Nine Tailed Fox and Brother to Equinox, he is Dragons Earliest child hood friend and disproves of how his sister meddles in the relationship with Dragon, Flame and Rainbow.
  • Equinox - A Female Nine Tailed Fox and Sister of Thorn, she is friends with Dragon but does not get along with Flame and Rainbow due to her crush on Dragon, she is quite loud and manipulative.
  • Onyx - A Female Black Colored Fox, best friends with Equinox and has a crush on Thorn, she is quiet and shy.


Stated as being a huge Disney fan and fan of particular characters such as Renamon, Krystal Fox and Tigeress.


While not confirmed to be the same person a hacker going by the name Dragon Flame has been hacking scenes from the High Tail Hall game made by Crowchild and posting them on u18chan.

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