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DragonTrainer, also known as htfcuddles is a chilean artist.

He identifies his species as "huge rabbit".[1]. More accurately, his fursona is a mixture between a bunny with red hair with the colors of the Pokémon Raichu.

Even if he considers himself as a vore artist and most of his active watchers do it for these kind of pictures, his art is somewhat wide, and he loves to try different styles, even if the result "is not as he wants".

Personal life[edit]

Apparently DragonTrainer has a normal life, although he was not happy with his computer stuff[2]. He lives with his grandmother in Quillota, Chile, and is studying Analist Programmer in a university in Valparaíso[3]. He seems to be using commissions as his way to finance the study.


DragonTrainer's art is somewhat wide, always trying different styles for all the stuff he makes. His progression can be seen through time, altough he seems that can't stay in only one kind of picture. He can work with traditional art, but his ability is almost completely focused on digital art.

Most of the last comics are done in a sketchy style, altough two of them ("Mouse Ways" and "Movie Nights") are made in color or with clean lineart. His main focus seems to be the "cute" artwork, with wide eyes and heads, small bodies and some fewer details in them. As he himself said in some streams, his tools of work are Paint Tool SAI and Gimp, avoiding Photoshop for being "too cluttered, slow, heavy and not really needed, apart to expensive. SAI is a paid tool but is small and fast."[4].

He identifies himself as a vore artist, but he doesn't do only fetish art. "I draw vore and of course, I'm okay with it. But there's a line to cross when you draw art. You can draw a lot of porn and being famous due to that- because people almost always is thinking in just masturbating (It happens with most vore lovers too). In the other hand, you can try to succeed with clean stuff that could be seen by everybody, and that is not an easy job. That is why the "normal porn" art I draw can be counted with the fingers of one hand."[5].


  • Víctor is his fursona. A rabbit with long red hair, orange/yellow and brown coloring that is around 7 feet tall. This character seems to act exactly like DT in the real life, altough appearently he a bit clumsier and eats eeveelutions and little girls.[6]
  • Annie is a pink squirrel-like creature. She is sarcastic, aggressive and very critical. She had her own webcomic that was abandoned.
  • Sekori is a small eevee, friend of Annie.
  • Kith is an anthro eevee girl that lives with Victor and serves mostly for vore purposes.[7]


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