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Phar Whitewater (also known as Pharzebra and Elst, real name Colleen Campbell) is a Canadian artist and costumer whose fursona is a zebra-dragon hybrid. She is married to Saberfire,[1] and works under the studio name Dragonsquared (styled Dragon2).

Phar has made several costumes, including the Zeebroo (a zebra-kangaroo hybrid) which appeared at Midwest FurFest 2005 and Further Confusion 2005. She has also made costumes for the UK-based Maelstrom game, and designed one of the sets of masks used and sold by the Gnoll race.

As of March 2008, her most recent costume debut was at Further Confusion 2008 as Elst, a Japanese gold dragon.[2]

Phar's costumes featured on Season 5 of The Guild.[3] In real life, she works in the healthcare field.


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