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DragonSpeak is a simple and easy to use programming language designed for use within Furcadia. It permits the creation of interactive and immersive worlds (known as dreams) that are dynamic and can change based on the actions of one or more furre present within them.

DragonSpeak is quite different from other common MUCK/MUD programming languages (such as MUF) in that it is targeted at a very young audience. Children as young as five have been able to successfully write DragonSpeak for their dreams.[citation needed]

DragonSpeak example[edit]

* Sign DS
(0:3) When somebody moves into object type 272.
 (1:7) and they move into position (14,43),
  (5:200) emit message {The sign reads: "CAUTION: This sign has sharp edges."}" to whoever set off the trigger.

This block is comprised of four lines:

  • The first line is a comment. In this case, it indicates that the purpose of the DragonSpeak is to display the message on a sign.
  • The second line is a cause and indicates when the below lines should be interpreted. In this case, it is triggered when a furre bumps into a specific object type (a small visual representation of a sign).
  • The third line is a condition, and indicates that the below lines should only be interpreted if the condition is true. In this case it checks to see if the sign object which the furre bumped into is in a specific location within the dream.
  • The fourth and final line is an effect, and instructs the Furcadia Client or Server to perform a specific action. In this case, the server emits a string of text to the user.

~If you would like to make a ride for your dream, you need to create the path of movement backwards.

DragonSpeak editor[edit]

DragonSpeak can be written using any standard text editor, but is most often authored using the bundled "DragonSpeak Editor". This editor includes a series of tabs that allow supported DragonSpeak lines to be selected and inserted into a text editing window.

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