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Logo of Draconics Design and LiveJournal avatar of Falllimar
Fallimar is a costume maker and artist in Perth, Western Australia.

Draconics (fully titled Draconics Design) is a costuming/fursuit business and associated website based in Perth, Western Australia. Established in 2005, it is run by Fallimar.

Draconics Design takes on commissions for a wide range of projects, from small accessory items like ears and tails, all the way through to partial or full fursuits.

Fursuiters who wear costumes made by Draconics include: JM the Horse (black horse), RAD Moose (a moose-tiger), Ythrykythyr ("to ask the species of Ythrykythyr is to ask the colour of something invisible"), Kyroo (a dingoroo), and Spectre (a silver tiger).

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