Draconian Enterprises

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Draconian Enterprises[edit]

Draconian Enterprises SP, formally Draconian Enterprises SL/Draconian Estates is a publishing company owned and operated solely by Swythe Quirksettle. Its sometimes called DNE for short.

The company is responsible for Swythe's works, and any works adopted by him. Its primary product is the "Kingdom of Skol."


Originally founded in Second Life, DNE owned the region's Drachen, Amaru, and Grand Junction. After nearly five years of operation, it closed down its Second Life regions and informally published Swythe's works. In 2016, after a business registration update, the state of Pennsylvania recognized publication as one of the company's activities along with CGI Animation, Video Game Development and Computer Services.

In 2014, the company contracted web development services to a few clients. Mainly CGI and perl programming done by Swythe.