Down the Rabbit Hole

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Down the Rabbit Hole is a bimonthly column in Anthro Magazine by Phil Geusz, featuring his thoughts and opinions on the furry world in general. More specifically, Phil primarily deals with the interactions between furry culture and the greater mundane world. So far, the column has focused largely on furry conventions, what happens there, and the role of furdom in general society.

One of the more controversial "Rabbit Hole" columns to date is a review of a furry-themed stage-play, entitled S4tyr Pl4y, in issue #4 (March/April 2006). S4tyr Pl4Y featured portrayals of furry chatrooms right alongside frank discussions of bestiality, together on the same stage at the same time. Phil's review therefore deals largely with furdom's often-negative portrayal in the larger world, and what furs do and do not have the right to expect from others.

"Rabbit Hole" is a fairly new departure for Phil, who previously concentrated on fiction. He has, however, also authored a long-running column in TSAT magazine (The Rabbit's Hutch) on the art and craft of story-writing.

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