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Down Home FurCon, or DHFC, is an online furry convention.

History and premise[edit]

DHFC first iteration took place on May 1-3, 2020. Streaming was done primarily via[1][2]

DHFC was created as a direct response to the global crisis surrounding COVID-19. The convention was so named because it was created by a small group of artists from Texas. DHFC's goal is to be a free online convention that anyone could enjoy from the comfort of their living room. Even though the convention is free, there is also paid registration. Would-be attendees that paid received extra goodies[3].

DHFC 2020[edit]

DHFC 2020 took place on May 1-3, 2020. It recorded 1882 attendees, 7669 views on, 27 panels and events, 680 active members on the convention's Discord server and 37 artists showcased.[4]


DHFC's mascot is a Cowboy hat wearing bobcat named Bucky. He was designed by Aries Nova.


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