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Double Z Studios, located in Worthington, Ohio, is the fictional movie studio owned by Zig Zag. Although it is primarily a pornography studio, stories and comics have indicated that Zig Zag has attempted other types of stories there.

Many furs work there, including Darke Katt (janitor), Max Blackrabbit (unknown), Roxikat (actress & fluffer), Sabrina (graphic designer), Moka and Iava (actresses), Fisk Black (camera crew & security), Timbawulf (security & bodyguard), Traci Sierra (carpenter/construction), Tyara Tiger (actress, dance instructor, and ZZ's roommate), Phoebe Hane (fitness instructor), Wolf Kidd (camera crew), Lucy Koneko (sound engineer/music), Christy Chipmunk (mechanic), Stacey and Tracey (actresses), Sheila Vixen (actress), Rod (actor and Sheila's boyfriend), , and of course, its owner and star Zig Zag.

Double Z Studios has featured heavily in the comic Sabrina Online, as well as having cameos in certain other webcomics. It also a commonly used setting in various SabrinaVerse stories, where in addition to the above, some of the more frequently mentioned employees include Marvin Badger (second-in-command) and his wife Rhonda (actress), Wanda the Vixen (actress/model), Lilian Bartholomew (receptionist and costume designer) and Clarence Skunk (go-fer).

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