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Dosner Brooks (born March 30)[1] is a fursuiter who lives in the San Francisco Bay Area in California, U.S.A.[2]


Dosner's fursona is a tigotter, an "otter with just a bit of tiger mixed in".[2] His otter part is an Asian small-clawed variety, while the tiger part is of the Xiamen subspecies.

Physically, Dosner looks like an otter with tiger stripes. Pale orange fur covers most of his body, except for his muzzle and belly, where the fur is a creamy off-white, and his paws and footpaws, where the fur is black. His stripes are black, except under black light, where they will glow bright blue.


Dosner's fursuit character is Kazuki, a folf who was built by Dosner, RockyTheFox, and WolfPupTK.[3]


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