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Dorn, also known as Dorn Otter and Dorn Palor, is a furry artist who currently goes to university in Southern Alberta, Canada[1], where he is studying web design and animation. He grew up in a small town in northern Utah and later moved to northwest Washington for high school in 2003.

Dorn became active in the furry community soon after moving to Washington, meeting furs locally and in British Columbia, Canada. He became good friends with Davecko and attended his first furry convention in Vancouver, Howloween in 2005. He attended Howloween 2006 as well, where he was introduced to his future boyfriend, Copper Wolf. The two stayed in contact after Howloween and began visiting each other regularly. After graduating from high school, Dorn moved to Southern Alberta to attend university and be closer to Copper.

Becoming furry[edit]

Dorn has always had a long interest in animals and anthropomorphics, sparked mainly by literature. As a young child, he read Animorphs and identified closely with the character Tobias, and often pretended to be a red-tailed hawk while playing. His interest in birds was strengthened by the book My Side of the Mountain and its sequels. However, when he turned 9, his interests changed as he was introduced to the Redwall cartoon, and subsequently the book series. During this time, Dorn became increasingly interested in anthropomorphics and began searching Redwall on the internet.

He stumbled upon Starfire's Redwall Abbey, a popular Redwall club with forums and activities for users. Dorn spent most of his time in the chatroom, where he created the character Dorn to roleplay as. Inspired by Starfire's Redwall Abbey, Dorn attempted to create his own club website using Geocities and Angelfire templates. His obsession with creating the club also sparked his efforts to learn HTML. Dorn later also found Furcadia. Upon being unable to create an otter character, Dorn chose to create an Arctic fox character named Hiraku Tailum.


The character Dorn is an anthropomorphic north american river otter. He wears a green tartan kilt and is often shirtless. He is sometimes seen wielding a broadsword, with the scabbard slung over his back by a belt. Some drawings of him include small gold earrings and a black tattoo running up his belly. He was first created in 2000 for the Starfire's Redwall Abbey chat but developed into a mirror of his user.


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