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Dork Tower is a comic about gamers that makes occasional passing references to furry, such as this, while occasionally choosing the fandom as the focus of a strip or series.

In July 2006, Dork Tower ran a continuity in which Matt explains to a girl he meets in a restaurant that he isn't interested in meeting women because they all run away screaming or try to call the police when they find out he's a gamer. She says she understands what that's like because she's a furry. At this, Matt instantly zips away and proceeds to phone the police. In following strips the two have a thoughtful conversation about furries and gamers and how they're really not so different: "Are our fur, fangs, or claws any sillier than your plus three armor or magic missles?" Then she notices Carson the Muskrat (the strip's token animal character) sitting across the restaurant and mistakes him for someone in costume. (The series begins here ― note the URL at the bottom.)

In a single panel in July 2007, Ken tells Matt that he's waiting for his friend Huey, who he says is a Black Panther. Matt gets scared and runs off, which puzzles Ken, as it turns out Huey is actually a (Caucasian) furry, complete with black panther fursuit. [1]

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