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Doodles (real name Steve Gattuso; born November 22, 1963)[1] is a furry goon who lives in Canoga Park, California, USA.[1] His fursona is an anthropomorphic rabbit.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Doodles was Dealer Staff Lead at ConFurence 8 and 9. He is well-known in the furry fandom and is a regular poster on the Something Awful forums. One of his more popular contributions to the forums was The Furdomicon, which detailed history throughout furry. Doodles is a rabbit breeder in his spare time and has seven different breeds of Fancy Lop.

The name is derived from the character Doodles the Great which appeared in the first issue of The Adventures of Captain Jack circa 1985. This character was in turn meant to be a homage to the late Doodles Weaver, a member of Spike Jones's band, The City Slickers.


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