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Rukario (born 2 June 1971) is a fursuiter from New York New York, where he has lived since 2008. Prior to moving to New York, he lived in {Ohio] for about 1 years time. Prior to that, he lived in Las Vegas, where he spent 18 years as a Realtor (R) and had a business in the financial sector.

Currently, Rukario is a full time college student at University of Phoenix, where he is working on his BA in Information Technology.

Rukario has one fursuit and is working on another; that of his jackal fursona Dolmuth.

Rukario is actively involved at several conventions where you can usually see him volunteering, staffing, fursuiting, or giving panels about being physically challenged in the furry community.

Rukario is a hybrid split mix between a wolf and a jackal - part of the widely popular Pokémon franchise which debuted in Japan in 1996.

In his spare time, he enjoys fursuiting, travel, anime, computers, fine dining, meeting new furs and making new friends.

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